Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy 2016 Dissection Projects

Welcome to the 2016 PLU Comparative Anatomy Dissection Projects Wiki!

The Following Wiki pages can serve as models of pages that meet all of the element requirements.
  1. This is a demo page on Squalus created by Dr. Schutz. It is not a full wiki, but was designed to provide you with a guide to the most common elements you will see in your introduction and systems pages.
  2. Previous Projects: The links below will take you to full, public wiki pages created by students in previous years which represent excellent models of wiki pages that received high scores.
    1. Amphiuma
  3. This year's projects: All of you should be able to see the work of other groups and comment on them. However, you can only edit pages in your own group.
    1. African clawed frog
    2. Gar
    3. Horse
    4. Iguana
    5. Pigeon
    6. Rabbit
    7. Stingray
    8. Toad
    9. Turtle